For all deliveries, we will not be responsible for wrong ordered rodents, so please know your size, weight and type of rodent before placing your order.

Local Deliveries are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with next business day ship outs. For example:

Monday, delivery Tuesday

Tuesday and Wednesday, delivery Thursday

Thursday, delivery Friday.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, delivery Monday.

Holidays, delivery next business day.

Out of town deliveries are Monday ship outs only. Be advised frozen orders are not insurable or guaranteed. Shipping at your own risk. We do our best to get them to you frozen advising dry ice when needed and packing with ice packs for all orders, but weather, delays and other factors are out of our control.

Ask for any other info via text or email.

*US customers be advised, we can not ship live or frozen rodents to your location.*

*Canadian customers be advised, shipping live rodents is by airlines only.*