ReptiRad 220 Watt Reptile Radiator

ReptiRad 220 Watt Reptile Radiator

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220 Watt Reptile Radiator/Panel

Featuring the classic galvanized steel design, with only an 18.5 mm thickness this slimline unit is built to deliver the ultimate compact and discreet heating for your animals. 

 The new style of ReptiRad now comes with a 2-meter cable with an inline connection as standard! This means installation is a breeze, simply disconnect the cable and install the ReptiRad into your enclosure - connect it back up and plug it into your thermostat of choice!

 Our maximum recommended heating space for the 220w ReptiRad would be up to 8ft x 4ft x 4ft or a similar volume (please note this will vary depending on the environmental conditions where the enclosure is kept).